Top Famous Buddha Statues

Buddhism is one of the most influential religions in the world. The story behind this belief has inspired some of the world’s remarkable contributions to the world of art. The most notable representations that reflect this religion are the statues known as Buddharupa. The term Buddharupa literally means “the form of the awakened one”. This figures had adorn Buddhist temples of worship. You can find more details on statue of the buddha on the site oneminddharma.

Listed below are the top world’s most famous and beautiful Buddha statues. Some of these figures are also listed as some of the largest in the world. The figures below are randomly arranged:

  1. The Giant Buddha of Leshan

One of the largest Buddha statues in the world is the Giant Budhha of Leshan. This statue carved out of a cliff face in Sichuan in western China. This great sculpture is a figure that presents a figure of a Bodhissattva known as Maitreya which is represented in sitting posture. The making of this statue started in the year 713 during the Tang Dynasty and was completed in 803 with the effort of thousands of sculptors and workers. Because of its popularity as the biggest carved stone Buddha in the world, The Leshan Giant Buddha has been featured in poetry, song and story.

  1. Temple of the Emerald Buddha

One of the Bangkok’s Buddhist temples is the Wat PhraKaew. This is also called as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This is located within the grounds of the Grand Palace. In this palace, there stands a jade statue in gold clothing. This figure was named Emerald Budhha. According to the legend,this figure was created in India in 43 BC in the city of Pataliputra. In this place, the statue remained for 300 years.

  1. Great Buddha of Kamakura

The Buddhist temple of Jodo shu sect located in the city of Kamakura in Japan has a figure named the Kotoku. This temple has been famous for its great Buddhist statue or daibutsu which is a representation of Amida Buddha. This is one of Japan’s most celebrated Buddhist statue. This statue was made up of bronze. It stands over 13 meters high.