Few selfie tips for you

The Selfie Ring Light, a circular fixture which can be a great tool that can make the incredible result of any selfie capture. This lighting tool captures professional beauty imagery that has been noticed in model’s photo shoot. In fact, photographers regularly use this tool to bathe model’s pores and catch a brilliant layer of illumination.

Here are few selfie tips:

The Selfie Ring Light settings can totally modify the results of your image and video in a jiffy through its settings.  What makes this lighting tool gives your photo shoot a perfect upshot is it captures a professional appearance including the colors of the background’s light intensity of a picture.

If for instance, you are capturing yourself indoors, without the Selfie Ring Light most selfie buddies do this:

They get close to the window that daylight illuminates their face but not direct because if you stand in direct sunlight you will catch unappealing, harsh shadows.

If for instance, you are capturing yourself exterior, the same rules are put into practice:

Or picture yourself far from the ray of the sun directly, because if you do you will get a great amount of light, though no harsh shadows. Always remember that the usual shoot along with your source of light must be positioned in front of you, and not at the back.

If for instance, you are capturing yourself at night time, simply use the Selfie Ring Light:

This is because an artificial light from the Selfie Ring Light is close to your face. If you place it right next to your camera, you have to limit the shadows onto your face. In case you are taking a photo with your webcam, you can set a lamp at the back of your computer as this could make difference to the image’s fine and readability result.

The concept is that the Selfie Ring Light gets rid of shadows and captures the best aspects of the face!